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This is the first photo of what I like to call my Broadway Project. I walked from the Staten Island ferry all the way to Central Park and took photos as I went. My personal challenge wast to find something interesting to photograph on every city block. Not all the photos came out good, but the ones here were the best, I felt.

It was a long journey, but very pleasant, and I did get one blister that is now healing nicely, thank you very much.

I began my journey at about 4 pm, and arrived at Central Park at around 11 pm. I also cheated and put other Broadway photos in this collection, as I did go back to shoot some things in the daylight. I made it to Greenwich Village before nightfall, but after Union Square, it was pretty dark.

I discovered many things about New York on this journey. One of the major discoveries was that New York is an old town with a lot of history that shows up in its architecture, its people, and its cultures.

As for myself, I discovered that I belonged in New York City for this time. I'm from the country and would always choose to live there than in a large city. But I found New York to be a place that is honest about projecting who it is, and I found that honesty refreshing. It wasn't trying to be some place else, like Las Vegas, and it wasn't trying to put on airs. New York City is comfortable with itself, from the glitz to the grime, and as I walked up Broadway, I found myself wanting to be like this city: comfortable with myself.

I was not able to get these into order from south to north, even though I downloaded them in order. Sorry, you'll have to just get them randomly.

Enjoy the journey!


by David Sidwell

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